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Funny or Not? George Martin Didn’t Think So

In this article, George RR Martin isn’t at all happy about Paul and Storm’s song. Watch the video, read the article. Nuff said.

Meet the Man Himself: George RR Martin

If you have a hankering to shake hands with the “Tony Soprano” of fantasy literature, his website has a full list of appearances posted. Last year I had a chance to meet him in the flesh at ChiCon, WorldCon in Chicago. He really was very accessible and social. If you have a chance to go to one of his convention appearances, look for a Brotherhood Without Banners party. These nerds know how to party and Martin is certain to be there, sipping a Solo cup of beer and just hanging out. The Brotherhood’s website states that their next party will be at WorldCon in San Antonio, TX. August 28 – September 2.

WorldCons are far better than ComicCons, IMO. It’s much more intimate and way less crowded. No waiting in lines for hours to get into one panel. Check out LonestarCon, this year’s WorldCon. imageNext year, it’s in London!

Holy Hell of a Throne, Batman!

George comments on the difference between his vision of the Iron Throne in this article on GEEKOSYSTEM. Martin states “This Iron Throne is scary. And not at all a comfortable seat, just as Aegon intended.” And, I’d have to agree. I knew it was dangerous, it’s said to have killed a man. But the artwork by Marc Simonetti puts my imagination to shame.

Demands for a Darker Dornish

In this article from, Fans are claiming Game of Thrones is ‘whitewashed’. Many wanted a middle eastern or North African look. Personally, back in the day, I was hoping for Naveen Andrews. image I loved his character in LOST. But, no one consulted me, so…

The actor HBO did select is Pedro Pascal. image In the above stated article, George defends HBO’s selection. He says the Dornish in his mind (which is all that really matters) have dark hair…check!, dark eyes…check!, and olive skin…check! For once, I think HBO did an ok job of selecting a minor character that actually resembles George’s source material. I mean, Messandei looks nothing like she is described in the books and Xaro Xhoan Daxos is now black instead of the palest of the Milk Men.

Prediction Addiction: Arya


Arya Stark is one of the hardest characters to speculate on. Due to her lack of proximity to any main characters, main places, main plot lines, there’s not a lot to go on. The main piece of evidence we have relating to her next move is Izembaro. Who or what is an Izembaro? It could be a person or a place. Thanks George, that’s really helpful.

I do have one theory about where she may be going, but beware! It’s crackpottery at its best. I think Arya is headed to King’s Landing as Princess Myrcella. What?! Bear with me…

Read more…

David Benioff says they “can’t wait too long because of the kids.”

As member of the exclusive “don’t hold your breath” club associated with George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books, the wait is both infuriating and exciting. I’m not gonna lie, I love rereading the books and all the speculation that are the inevitable children of such waits. Yet, for fans of the books first and show second, had an article that might ruffle a few feathers: The Show Will Overtake the Books
Even though I don’t want this “lifestyle” to end…I want to know the end. I want to know the end before the end shows up on the show.

Did GRRM share his plans with D & D? Do they know where this epic journey is going before the loyal, diehard fans know? I would have a hard time with that. Especially since we were the ones to advocate the publicity for the show to begin with.

Random Cool Science: A Song of Ice and Fire Research

I guess it really doesn’t relate to George Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, but it’s cool none the less. Scientists at the Syracuse University Lava Project find out what happens when Ice and Fire meet on a volcanic level. Studying volcanoes that are in wintry wonderlands can be difficult, so they brought the lava to their lab instead. Check it out:

Lava vs Ice

George RR Martin fans UNITE!…almost…

There has been a new indiegogo enterprise. It’s sole purpose is to help…well, push, really…George to finish The Winds of Winter. As reported in this article by BUZZ FEED: Bribing George, the group has so far collected $95. Their goal is $2,000,000! Can George be bought? Will the effort sway his black, sadistic heart? Read the article and see what you think. It’s cute, if nothing else.

Is the show “Game of Thrones” better than the movies “Lord of the Rings”?

Hahaha! Oh my. No. If you were going to ask “Is Lord of the Rings (the books) better than A Song of Ice and Fire?” Then I would definitely agree with the article from WHATCULTURE!: 5 Reasons Game of Thrones is better than Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, the author of that article is talking about the show vs the movies. Whatculture Article

In my opinion, Peter Jackson captured the essence and character motivations perfectly in his adaptation of LOTR. I enjoyed the movies much more than the books, actually. The books go on serious tangents about grass and walking and characters that don’t move the plot along at all. Some of the characters seem to bring the flow to a complete stop. Looking at you Tom Bombadil!

In HBO’s adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, the producers ADD fluff to the already overwhelming amount of information provided by the source material. Some might say that you have to look at the show as a separate entity. That it’s just a show based loosely on the world Martin created. If that’s the case, then yeah, I guess they’re doing well. And they do hit on most of the major plot points. But how “their” characters got to those plot points without the proper motivation is beyond me.

My vote is: Lord of the Rings movies…YES! Lord of the Rings books…NO! A Song of Ice and Fire…YES!!! Game of Thrones on HBO?….NO, No and more no. Just no.

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